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The Waste Disposal Plant's western entrance

The Waste Disposal Plant is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is located east of Crystal Caverns and Whitefall Town, and south of the Temple of Godcat. It is the sixth area available for exploration (counting the optional Graybone Cemetery).


The Waste Disposal Plant is a massive factory that allegedly acts to dispose of various hazardous materials. Unfortunately, it is not particularly good at this - many citizens of Whitefall Town complain about the stench and toxic waste being released from the plant on a daily basis. When the players infiltrate the plant, they discover that it is actually a secret weapons factory, producing a variety of combat robots for an unknown purpose.

Despite its advanced technology, the Waste Disposal Plant is in poor condition. Pools of toxic ooze and steep drops are bridged by narrow walkways with minimal guard rails; computers, wires, pipes, and barrels of hazardous substances are scattered all over the place; employees range from selfish to just plain incompetent. All of the plant's budget went into creating its inventions, but this would prove to be a dangerous error when the subpar computer security caused a rogue AI to emerge and take over the facility. As a result, the entire complement of robots and weapons in the plant - including their newest and greatest invention, the Praetorian - went berserk, attacking any and all humans on sight.

The Glitch's invasion of the Waste Disposal Plant has also put it into lockdown. Some doors may only be opened by using a external energy source in form of Batteries, and there are ten levers scattered around the plant (labelled with Roman numerals I to X) that toggle different doors and spikes that block pathways. As a result, the players will have to maneuver in and out of the facility, activating levers and collecting Batteries in order to open different areas. To reach the Praetorian, all five Batteries will be needed; on the other hand, a specific combination of levers must be activated in order to access the Glitch's lair.


The Waste Disposal Plant is primarily inhabited by mechanical enemies which vary widely in appearance and behavior, although the majority of them are weak to Thunder and/or Bomb. Other areas deeper within the area feature different enemy types; Thunder-based enemies begin to appear frequently as the party gets closer to the area where the Praetorian is located, Bio-based enemies congregate near the toxic sludge pools, and Ice-based enemies can be found in the chilly area near the Danger Room where The Glitch lurks.

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The Waste Disposal Plant has three shortcuts; two on the outside and one on the inside.

  1. One of the shortcuts outside the area is unlocked after you open a door that leads to Whitefall Town.
  2. Another shortcut is unlocked after you go to Goldenbrick Resort and pull a lever.
  3. The third shortcut is inside the factory, north of the southeastern part of the map. It shortens the path if the player forgot something in the north part of the factory.