"Thunder and ice damage taken is increased by 50%. Fire damage is reduced by 50%."
―Wet's reticent hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Wet
Wet is a neutral/multi-purpose status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is associated with the Water element, and its icon is a driblet. Its effects are as follows:
  • Increases Thunder- and Ice-elemental damage (and only the elemental part of it) taken by 50%, which consumes one turn of Wet per hit.
  • Halves Fire-elemental damage (and only the elemental part of it) taken, which consumes one turn of Wet per hit.
  • Secretly doubles the chance of getting Frozen.
  • Wet keeping Burn EBF4

    Illustration to the last point: Frose and River Squid have non-elemental Wetting attacks that don't remove Berserk/Burn from the targets.

    Contrary to a popular belief, Wet on its own does not cancel Berserk and Burn — only Water- and Ice-elemental attacks do so. The myth comes from the Cloudburst skill, which attempts to Wet everyone and, although it has no direct damage, is visibly assigned Water element and thus counts as a Water-elemental attack. It can lead to a misinterpretation that Berserk/Burn was cancelled by Wet instead of the "attack" itself.

Wet can be cured with Garlic (consumable item), Purify, Medipack, Cleanse (ordinary skills) and Kyun (Natalie's Limit Break). Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle, when the victim dies (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns. Since Wet is considered as negative by most statuses-related mechanics, it can be blocked by Bless and cannot be cleared by Dispel.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Wet is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Aqua Arrow — up to 100% chance and 9x [4x] length.
  • Bubbles — up to 60% chance and 1x length.
  • Bubble Blast — up to 60% chance and 1x length, targets all foes.
  • Cloudburst — up to 160% chance and 5x length, targets everyone.
  • Geyser — up to 100% chance and 3x length.
  • Flood — up to 100% chance and 5x length.
  • Giant Squid (summon) — 100% chance, 3x length, targets all foes.
  • Narwhal (summon) — 50% chance, 3x length.
  • Tsunami (Limit Break) — 300% chance, 9x length, targets all foes.

Equipment providing resistance against Wet:

Enemy attacks that can cause Wet:

  • On Hard/Epic, Ice Elemental enters the battle with 9x Wet on self, shielding its Fire weakness.
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