White Feather

EBF5 Item White Feather.png

Used for fancy hats and culturally appropriating birds.In-game description

The White Feather is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is a small white feather with a black tip, used to forge certain pieces of equipment; primarily ones with a Wind or Holy affinity, but also a few with prominent white components.

White Feathers can be bought at any Material Shop for 270 gold. In order to complete all of the relevant upgrades, 84 are needed.

Drop Rate

White Feathers are primarily dropped by Wind-based foes, especially ones with visible feathers.



  • Some weapons, like the Chieftain's Horns, the Club of Withering, and the Elder's Wisdom, are visibly adorned with White Feathers; curiously, while the Chieftain's Horns require White Feathers to be forged, the Club of Withering and the Elder's Wisdom does not.
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