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The Wild Tropics are a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. They are the second area of the game, visited by Matt and NoLegs on their way to the Hope Harbor Farmer's Market.


The Wild Tropics are a small jungle at the eastern edge of the northern continent. They appear to have been peaceful at one point, as the locals have been shown to set up farms and explore the jungle for treasure and artifacts, but the arrival of a strange monolith has caused the wildlife to become more aggressive. Many of the paths are blocked by mounds of dirt and large boulders, requiring the Shovel and the Hammer to bypass; since the player will have neither on their first trip through, they'll have to take the long way around to proceed.

There are two caves that can be accessed through ladders near the monolith; both contain several treasures and unique enemies for the region, but one also contains a block puzzle and the other has a hidden passage to an Arcade machine near a small pool of magma.

The Wild Tropics allow access to different parts of Hope Harbor through their three exits: the Farmer's Market and Grand Gallery lie to the north, the piers and inn lie to the south, and the desert and Ice Cave lie to the east.


Most of the enemies in the Wild Tropics are Bio and Earth-based.


In the caves below the Wild Tropics, enemies are mainly Fire, Holy, and Thunder-based.


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The Caves

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