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Wraiths are a type of enemy encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5.


Wraiths appear as ghostly entities shrouded in a ragged cloak; their glowing eyes are visible in the darkness of their hoods. They also have long horns on their heads, emerging from beneath the cloak - the shape of the horns varies between species and usually reflects their element. Wraiths are often found in haunted areas, such as cemeteries and wastelands. They also appear in environments befitting their element.


Wraiths are mid-tier foes that generally specialize in their relevant elements with Dark mixed in. While they have a melee option in the spikes that emerge from their sleeves, they generally prefer to cast magic. Many Wraiths are also able to use skills that inflict Instant Death.

In EBF5, Wraiths are notable for targeting players based on their resistances. They are also affected by equipment that scares ghosts; whether they will Surrender or go Berserk depends on the species.

All Wraiths are weak to Wind while absorbing whatever element they are based off of. Most absorb Dark while being weak to Holy, but in EBF5, the Flame, Origami and Frost Wraiths invert these resistances (i.e. they absorb Holy and are weak to Dark).

In EBF4, Wraiths are noteworthy for being the only common enemy that drops Donuts. While the chances of this are a pathetic 1%, this is the only way to get additional Magic Defence boosts without using Battle Mountain or the eventually-unaffordable Rare Shop. Farming this way is not advised.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

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  • The Wraiths are inspired by the Poe foes from the Legend of Zelda franchise[1].